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Sadaqah Jariyah Rewards (SJR) Foundation is both a registered charity (no: 1191074) and a registered company limited by guarantee (no: 12541800) in England and Wales. We strive to support mainly ‘sadaqah jariyah’ related causes on a consistent, collective, and collaborative basis. 

Gone are the days where you donate to a charitable organisation by setting up a direct debit / standing order and not knowing how your money is being spent. With SJR all members are inclusive and have a say. 

SJR depends and relies upon it’s members support and input. Sadaqah Jariyah causes are nominated and voted for by it’s members each month. The entire monthly collection is then donated towards that cause. 

Please make your donations to:


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Account No.: 86692705

How we started

SJR Foundation was conceived during Ramadan 2018. The pioneers of this foundation took a break from their usual busy lives in London, so they collected some Zakat money from close family & friends and stayed the entire Ramadan in Cairo. Upon arriving in Al Warq, it was a shocking moment seeing the extreme poverty and realising that monies raised was insignificant in comparison. 

Upon returning to London with all the thoughts, experience and inspiration from Cairo, SJR Foundation was born. SJR began with just a handful of like-minded members consisting of close family and friends. The key elements were to ensure it was consistent, collective and collaboratively supporting ‘Sadaqah Jariyah’ related causes. 

The founders of SJR quickly saw the positive impact it was having with just a handful of members. SJR would now like to have an even greater impact, to be able to support more projects and have decided to reach out to the wider audience.

The SJR Team

SJR Foundation is a small group of volunteers who deal with all aspects of this organisation strictly on a voluntary basis. Our volunteers do not receive any remuneration, as they seek all their rewards strictly from Our Lord. 

All administration costs involved are met and covered by its co-founders. Thus, implementing and adhering to our strict 100% donation policy. All donations collected is strictly utilised for the most supported cause on a monthly basis.

Our Vision

Both our vision and mission is to provide a mechanism which is simple and effortless but very effective.

We want to get as many members involved as possible to partake in this great deed and realising that we are stronger in numbers. By simply donating a small amount individually, which is a lot collecively, we can make a huge impact and support more causes.

In this manner, we earn good deeds as a family unit – collectively, consistently and collaboratively. SJR Foundation seeks causes which offer continuous rewards, allowing for benefit even in the after life.

Monthly distribution

As our mission to ensure consistency, donating all that is received every month towards a SJ related cause with the strongest support from its members.

Donating made simple

A regular and consistent contribution of £10 per month is all it takes. Small contribution, but huge impact, as we have strength in numbers.

Members with voices

We are reliant on our members input. From proposing noble causes, to actually nominating a cause to fund and support.

You speak! You choose! We listen!

Continuous benefit

Sadaqah Jariyah means a continuous, flowing and ongoing charity. It is one of the most rewarding acts we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving this type of charity can be reaped in this lifetime and the next insha’Allah.

100% Donation Policy

100% of all donations received will be forwarded to the cause for that month, nominated and elected by its members.

All admin costs are personally met and covered by the co-founders. Thus, 100% donation policy – 100% of the time!

Voting System

With our voting system, each month members will be presented with three SJ related causes to vote for. The cause with the majority vote receives all funds received for that month.

Strength in numbers

We believe strength in numbers and teamwork is the key. The more family members we have supporting and adding value to our noble causes every month, then the more we are able contribute and have an impact.

Zakat Distribution

We can also help our members distribute their Zakat. Zakat funds will be held separately prior to them being sent to the designated individuals / countries.

Get Involved

SJR strives on its members and their creativity and thus, are heavily reliant upon their continuous support. So if there is a fundraising challenge you would like to set yourself to raise donations on behalf of the SJR Foundation then do get in touch.

May Allah swt bless you abundantly for all your contributions and not to mention accept them as your investment for your hereafter.


If there’s a set campaign you would like support then let this be done in partnership with SJR. So long as it is in line with our objectives, then we would like to be involved and support you all the way.

Make a big difference, set up a challenge either individually or collaboratively, and help raise money for SJR.


Fundraising challenges are a great way to raise money for supporting great causes via SJR. There are many creative and fun challenges we like supporting – from running or cycling to extreme daring sporting challenges such as sky diving.

If you are able to fundraise on behalf of SJR then do get in touch. It could be as simple have a small donation box within your home or shop or perhaps participating in a marathon and / or encouraging others to join the Family Membership Program of SJR Foundation.


We are always seeking volunteers to get involved, to help grow, to suggest ways we can have a greater impact.

Do get in touch if you are able to volunteer in an effective manner and we shall make contact when the need arises.

Vote for the next cause to support!


How does SJR work?

All members contribute a small monthly amount of £10. This pot then gets distributed entirely to the elected cause that has won the most support from its members.

What makes SJR different?

SJR Foundation is different to most charitable organisations as it provides a simple, minimalistic and effortless approach to earning continuous rewards. Simply donate each month (by a £10 Standing Order) and get involved by voting. You have a say in how the money is spent.

Is the entire amount collected donated each and every month?

Yes. Our objective is to donate all monies received for that given month. However, there may be occasions where a small amount may be carried over to the following month to be put towards the following elected cause.

What does Sadaqah Jariyah mean?

Sadaqah Jariyah means a continuous, flowing and ongoing charity. It is one of the most rewarding acts we can do in our lives as the benefits of giving this type of charity can be reaped in this lifetime and long after we have passed.

What is the difference between normal ‘Sadaqah’ and ‘Sadaqah Jariyah’?

To put it simply, they both count as ‘Sadaqah’ (voluntary charity). However, ‘Sadaqah’ on its own will benefit the recipient on a single occasion and will count as one good deed for the giver. ‘Sadaqah Jariyah’ will benefit the recipients more than once and that good deed will continue rewarding you even after your death.

For example, giving someone something to eat is a Sadaqah and will benefit that person in that moment whereas building a well where people can regularly draw water is a Sadaqah Jariyah and will benefit people for generations to come and in turn will continue benefiting you in this life and the next in sha’ Allah.

What are the main Sadaqah Jariyah causes:

There are numerous types of Sadaqah Jariyah causes but in the following hadith seven are mentioned by name:

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (ra) who said, ‘the Prophet (saw) said, “Indeed, the rewards of his actions and good deeds that will reach a believer after his death are: [1] knowledge which he taught and spread; [2] a righteous child whom he leaves behind; [3] a copy of the Qur’an that he leaves as a legacy; [4] or a masjid that he built; [5] or a house that he built for wayfarers; [6] a canal that he dug; [7] or charity that he gave from his wealth in his good health and life. [These deeds] will reach him after his death”’. (Ibn Majah)

Other than good deeds, what else can a member expect to receive?

What also happens when we deliver our Sadaqah Jariyah projects is that the recipients make du’a in abundance on behalf of the donor’s. So, not only is the donor gaining reward for the project, they also benefit from the du’as made for them by strangers whom they’ve never even seen or met, Subhan Allah!

Can I donate on behalf of someone else?

Yes you can.

How many causes are there to choose from each month?

Each month, three Sadaqah Jariyah causes are forwarded to its members for voting. The cause with the highest vote will be awarded the entire donations received for that month.

How is a cause selected?

Suggestions are forwarded by it’s members for shortlisting. Only three is selected for the voting process.

Can I suggest a cause to support?

Of course. Please do this via the filling in the ‘suggesting a cause’ form on the website. All worthwhile and worthy causes are always considered. Please ensure you give as much information as possible regarding the proposed cause.

How soon is payment forwarded to the cause?

Usually very promptly, as soon as the total monthly donations received has been calculated and the voting process has concluded. Worst case scenario, within one month.

How much of the donations received is forwarded to a cause?

100% of all donations received is spent of the cause elected for that relevant month.

How do I become a member of SJR Foundation?

Simply set up a ‘Standing Order’ of £10 per month. Once done, please notify the admin team so that you are set up on the system. Notifications can be done via the ‘contact us’ form from the website or by simply sending an email to: sadaqahjariyahrewards@gmail.com.

How much does each member contribute each month?

We ask for a small regular amount of £10 per month. A small amount to make a huge impact collectively.

When will we know how much has been collected?

By the 1st of each month, the SJR admin team will calculate and then shortly announce how much has been collected for the month just ended. For example, on the 1st of February, it will be announced how much donations has been received for the entire of January (1st January – 31st January).

How are admin costs covered?

Alhamdulillah, the admin and running costs have been and will continue to be met by the co-founders and sponsors.
If you like to get involved in assisting with the administrations and running costs of SJR then do get in touch.
Remember 100% of all donations received is spent on the SJ causes. Nothing is deducted whatsoever.

Who runs the SJR Foundation?

Alhamdulillah, the SJR Foundation is run and managed by a handful of its members. They do not receive any remuneration and strictly work on a ‘Fisabillah’ basis. They solely and collectively seek their reward from Allah swt.

What payment methods do you accept?

At the moment the most cost-effective way of donating is by setting up a regular monthly standing order or direct bank transfer. This ensures that 100% of your payment is received in donation.

As most other forms of payment i.e. paypal, credit card etc incur bank charges which minimises your donation. We can only work with net payments received.

Please make your donations to:


Sort Code: 04-00-04 

Account No.: 86692705

Do you distribute Zakat as well?

Due to numerous requests from our members, we have decided to assist in the distribution of Zakat funds to the needy & poor. We love what we do and the way we work and feel Zakat distribution adds to the good deeds we can earn collectively and thus have implemented this service of Zakat distribution.

Once again 100% of all funds received for Zakat distribution will be forwarded to the needy. They shall be held in a separate account prior to distribution.

Please ensure you have highlighted that it is for zakat when the funds are being sent.

How can I make any suggestions?

Via contact us form or email.

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